Focus on acoustic audio

The voice brings us beauty and pleasure.

Sound is warm and can bring people happiness and pleasure. So comes love, admiration, harmony, joy, and hope.We are not only selling products, but also using a medium to find a proper way to deliver the charm of sound.
As the largest acoustic audio production enterprise in China, SHIDU has always taken "quality, value, perfection and dream" as its product philosophy, explored more reasonable product functions, produced products closest to life and use scenarios, and reached a consensus on the best way to solve user’s potential needs in consumer interaction.



Excitement for your dreams.Change of the sound.

In Chinese word “ten” is a symbol of perfection and a new beginning.As a pioneer and leader of the industry, the most difficult thing is to lead the industry forward without benchmark.We always start from the beginning, and each day is a new beginning."Change" means progress and challenge, everyone in the organization has to jump out of their comfort zone, take the initiative to meet challenges, and constantly innovate, so that the enterprise can lead the industry......



Twenty years of journey, from the sound of osmosis began.

Every brand with precipitation, the reason of its emergence is mostly attributed to the founder's belief, also SHIDU.From paying attention to audio products, being sensitive to the market and loving the industry, to focusing on and investing in the industry wholeheartedly. We have been walking with our dream for nearly 20 years, which has made today's SHIDU......



For SHIDU, joining education and caring for the elderly in mountainous areas is also a continuation of the enterprise spirit of "The Sound of Change".As we understand the sound as beautiful and pleasant, it can bring warm to others.Sound is not only the carrier of product functions, but also the extension of emotions attached to products.
We hope that through the research and development of education products, the society will pay more attention to education in mountainous areas, school environment and teachers' life.At the same time, we start action from the small things around us.......